Man tries to set up residential air conditioning service as part of DIY job.

How HVAC Pros Conduct Residential Air Conditioning Service

Are you a fan of DIY jobs? You may think you’re saving a lot of money, but DIY residential air conditioning service has more risks than you might know. An incomplete or untrained HVAC assessment could severely damage your equipment.

With the hustle and bustle of spring cleaning behind us, it’s likely that you already feel yourself breathing a bit easier. No more running around organizing, checking the attic for boxes, or considering a junk removal service. With summer soon approaching, it’s a great time to prioritize changes to reduce stress and increase overall wellness.

But before you go ahead and patch together a makeshift repair for your residential air conditioning services, you should know:

DIY jobs can cost you.

Every DIY job starts with great intentions. But after all the preparing, shopping, and purchasing for the job, you may find yourself way over budget. A worst-case scenario could involve injuries, structural damage, or even total loss of equipment. That’s just a few reasons to avoid a do-it-yourself approach.

Don’t go down the DIY path when it comes to home comfort. Learn how the HVAC pros conduct residential air conditioning installation and repairs:

Security comes first.

Your home should be a place you can breathe deeply. Ideally, indoor air quality should be the last thing on your mind. Whether you choose a ducted or ductless indoor unit option or a system with both, KCR’s secure multi-stage filter products effectively trap dust, allergens, and other contaminants.

Zoned comfort solutions provide filters in every zone, not just a single filter for an entire home. Filters are washable and last up to 10 years, an environmentally-friendly way to save you time and money.

Is it important to you to protect your house as well as your loved ones? Then now’s the most effective time to reconsider the theory of DIY HVAC repair. You should consider other conditions which may possibly put your household in danger, including fire, black mold, and carbon monoxide.

KCR has been dealing with these menaces to residential air conditioning service for over four decades. Our EPA-certified refrigeration technicians have the skill set and tool set to get the job done right the first time – every time.

Some resolutions and goals require you to step out of your comfort zone, but not this time. This summer, resolve to breathe easier in with KCR’s secure, custom cooling solutions.

Efficiency creates savings.

Comfort is key. So it’s no surprise that heating and air conditioning systems — that unlock our ability to control temperature – account for one of the largest single uses of energy in residences and commercial buildings. And where some of the latest HVAC technology is developing.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling make up 48 percent of energy use in an average household. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that HVAC equipment accounts for the second-largest single use of electricity for commercial buildings.

KCR’s answer will give you a big sigh of relief. Conventional HVAC systems turn off and on, maxing electrical amperage use each time, but KCR’s zoned comfort solutions stay on and adjust to maintain your set point. This maximizes system performance while minimizing your utility bills.

Long gone are the days of conditioning your entire house, whether rooms are in use or not. While your guest room is now vacant, your system sets back the zone’s indoor unit, reducing energy consumption and cost.

Experienced HVAC professionals understand that modern problems require modern solutions. Green, energy-efficient technology has become safer for both your household and the planet.

Invest in better equipment.

Professional fees are worth your investment, particularly when it means ensuring your security. When you hire a professional to work on your HVAC system, you gain a reliable partner in both security and home comfort.

Even though it’s still spring, we still have a few solid months left of cold weathr. No one wants to stress over a faulty HVAC system that can’t keep your house warm. With KCR’s catalog of zoning technology, we can install high-performance heat pumps that adjust to the rooms in your house. This ensures that your family and guests always keep comfortable.

KCR also provides a variety of solutions for those who own vacation homes or rental properties. With the KCR storage catalog, you’ll know your home away from home is maintaining a safe and cost-effective temperature. 24/7 emergency support can help you avoid frozen pipes or hefty heating bills in your properties, both near and far.

Our portfolio is committed to energy-efficient installations and repairs, including programmable thermostats, heaters, and coolers. We train all of our HVAC professionals to match the best equipment to your needs.

Find a trusted brand.

For the best residential air conditioning service, look no further than KCR’s extensive catalog of home comfort products. With popular name brands like Mitsubishi Ductless Systems and Honeywell Comfort, we’ll find the right AC system for your household.

No HVAC system is maintenance-free, but KCR’s modern ductless systems make maintenance easy, compared to conventional systems. Through advancements in efficiency, filtration and unit design, our technicians make it simple for homeowners and contractors to keep their systems in good working condition.

The ductless units in our catalog use a two-step filtration process, which not only keeps the air you’re breathing clean and healthy, but also helps prevent dirt and dust from clogging your units. But proper care and maintenance is a crucial part of the filters’ performance.

You can visit the Mitsubishi Electric Cooling website and Honeywell TrueHOME website for more information.

The Home Comfort Experts

Professional HVAC repairs should work according to you and your family’s schedule. For the past 47 years, KCR has provided residences and businesses with peace of mind and temperature control. We’re proud to serve our customers with efficiency and flexibility when it comes to managing HVAC systems within their homes.

We also offer residential maintenance agreements to facilitate the long-term care of your cooling equipment.

Don’t make your choice of HVAC provider lightly. When you need residential air conditioning service, contact KCR for a free quote!