What is the Best Temperature to Set Your AC to?

The easy response is “Set it to what ever temperature which makes your family cozy.”

But relaxation may be a complex (and entrenched) behavior.

Let’s shoot for a response that saves you cash and keeps you comfy.

Play the (Humidity) Percents

There’s tons of truth When it’s hot, it’s since your body’s sweat glands don’t operate as economically as they are able to, the relative humidity making folks actually feel uncomfortable. To comprehend the consequences of humidity better:

Your perspiration evaporates easily, when the atmosphere is dry and you are feeling comfortable. Yet, as humidity increases, more water vapor is in the atmosphere which gets its more challenging for the perspiration to evaporate and more. When it’s steamy humid and hot, it feels much hotter and you sweat in pails.

Opportunely, air conditioners are very proficient at this, particularly when you also have vapor barriers in your cellar or crawlspaces and have atmosphere sealed your house. EPA urges the “ideal” humidity level of 25 to 40% in the wintertime and 60% during summer. Many programmable thermostats will show the relative humidity in the push of a button.

Meanwhile, ceiling fans and private fans feel fantastic, because they blow air across the human body, and transferring atmosphere is really proficient at evaporation.

One humidity issue that is common is your air conditioner could be too large for the house. The system cool the home and will run to get a small amount of while, but is not going to run long enough to dehumidify. You will require to discuss it using a HVAC contractor, if this can be the situation in your house.