Cleaning HVAC vents and how to keep them clean KCR, Inc.

How to Clean HVAC Vents & Keep Them Clean

Something that you probably associate with cars can actually keep your vents clean for months.

What is this magical potion? Wax. Yep, wax.  Just like you use on your car.  I know it seems crazy but it works great and makes the vents easy to clean because the dust just wipes right off!

Below are the steps:

1. Remove the vents and wash them. You can place the vents in the sink and fill it with soapy water and wash them just like you would the dishes -OR- wash them each individually. Let the vents dry completely, otherwise the waxing portion of this chore won’t work. I let mine dry overnight and then wax them in the morning.

2. Wax the vents.  Apply wax liberally, just like you would when waxing the car. Don’t forget the underside! After the vent has been completely covered, buff off the wax.

That’s it!

Put the vents back and enjoy clean vents for months!