Air Conditioning Safety Tips

• Choose an air conditioning unit which is the proper size & energy for the area (10×12 Room: 5,000 Btu/hr; 20×20: 10,000 Btu /hr; 1,200sq ft home: 23,000 Btu/hr).

• Check the electrical circuit to be sure it can supply the necessary energy.

• Never alter a plug to fit it into an outlet. Instead, have a qualified electrician replace the outlet.

• Be sure your cord will reach a wall outlet.

• Ensure you have the right cord for an air conditioner if you need an extension cord and always inspect extension cords before you use them.

• Look for the UL Mark on the extension cord, which means that representative samples of the cord have been tested for safety hazards.

• Ensure the plug’s blades and grounding pin are present

• Don’t run the cord under a carpet

Other cooling tips:

• Clean & inspect your air conditioner

• Start units early and cool areas throughout the day

• Pull shades to block the sun

• Turn off all unnecessary lights

• Wait until late evening to use dishwashers & clothes dryers

• Close off unused rooms

• Make sure your attic is properly ventilated

• Using floor or ceiling fans to circulate the cooled air

• When you’re selecting fans and air conditioners, look for the UL Mark