The Pros & Cons of Used Restaurant Equipment

Pros of Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment

Moolah. New restaurant gear comes with gleaming, high-priced price tag that is retail. Purchasing gear that is used will save you precious startup cash which you can place toward payroll, your first food order, insurances, or marketing campaign.
Minimal Wear & Tear. Due to the high failure of new restaurants (not yours, naturally) many second hand pieces of gear have just been in service for a couple of years. Should you go to a restaurant auction, research your options to see the length of time the place was open. Examine the appliances, looking for telltale signals of wear and tear like rust, missing components, etc. If you’re extremely fortunate, you can still get the warranty with a piece that isn’t too old.

If you’re good at haggling then don’t be afraid to counter their offer.

Freebies. If you are buying several pieces of equipment that is used from precisely the same seller, ask for a freebie, including toaster, a mixer or homework table. They may throw it in as an indicator of goodwill.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

Guarantees, or lack thereof. Used restaurant equipment is generally sold “as is.” Meaning, in the event you hook it up in the restaurant and it doesn’t work, you’re out of chance. This really is the risk you choose when purchasing used. The good news is that lots of items of restaurant gear are virtually indestructible. If one little part goes, it really is simple to replace.

Spending more money. You might wind up spending more income than in case you had just purchased it new if you do buy used gear that breaks. Nonetheless, certain things are better suited to purchase used, and have a much better opportunity of functioning correctly for quite a long time to come.
The following items are all good candidates for purchasing used:

Gas Ranges and Ovens – Gas ranges have a fairly long life span in terms of restaurant equipment goes. If it is missing some knobs don’t fret, they’re readily replaced. Electric models will not be well suited for restaurants, due to the long time they take to heat up, and they have bunches of pieces and bits only waiting to break.
Fryers- Oil is better than electrical. Get the directions how to change the oil and you simply wish to ensure the fryer is calibrated.

Tableware- The single issue you may face is finding pieces that fit together with your restaurant décor.

Things like coffee makers ice machines and dishwashers can be rent through vendors. Read more on the subject of renting restaurant equipment.