How to go About Selecting the Right Food Slicer for Your Commercial Kitchen

A good food slicer is essential in all kitchens and it can help you with preparing a whole host of different meals and snacks.

If you’re about to buy your first one or have decided that your old one needs a shiny new replacement, there are a few things that you might want to consider before investing.

Read our blog and learn about the things you need to consider before you buy a food slicer.

What will you be using the slicer for?    

Depending on the type of meals that you prepare and the amount and frequency of people you are serving to will impact on the type of slicer that you choose. Opt for a manual slicer if most of your slicing is on-demand or you plan on slicing less than 4 hour a day.

If you work in institution where you are likely to be serving a large amount of people in single sittings, for example a school, sandwich shop or hospital, you might want to consider an automatic slicer. It allows you to slice a whole lot of product at one time and also means that you can be sure that your slicing is precise and doesn’t need to rely on supervision.

How many hours a day will you be using the slicer?

If you’re only planning on using the slicer for around two hours a day you will be able to rely on a light duty slicer to get the job done. If you require it for longer use, choose a heavy duty slicer as this will help you to achieve the best possible output. For those planning to use their slicer extensively, opt for a heavy duty gear driven slicer.

Are you using the slicer for cheese?

Because of its thick, dense characteristics, cheese is one of the hardest types of foods for a slicer to cut. If you plan on slicing a moderate amount of cheese, opt for at least a medium duty slicer to ensure it lasts a long time and can handle the output. If you are cutting even more you will need to invest in a heavy duty slicer to meet your needs.

What might you need the slicer for in the future?

When it comes to buying new equipment for your restaurant or canteen’s kitchen, it pays to think ahead. If you know your menu will soon be adding something that requires a lot of slicing that will help you determine what slicer is best for you.