Stay Healthy in the Summer Time with some Advice from KCR, Inc.

4 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Summer

  1. Remain hydrated and cool. Drink water, at least two to four cups (16-32 oz) in the morning, and similar quantities if you are going out for tasks and exercise. keep water beside you in a hard plastic container (more secure polycarbonate instead of polyethylene that leaches plastic into the water).
  2. Carry Aloe Vera gel for overexposure and also have an aloe plant growing in your house for any kind of burn. Any sunburn will be soothed by the cooling and healing gel in the leaves. It works amazing.
  3. Keep up or start a workout plan. Aerobic activity is very important to keeping the heart strong and healthy. Take some time to do outdoor refreshing activities — hiking, biking, swimming, or tennis in the event that you just work out in a health club. Reconnecting with one of these activities will help to keep your own body and head aligned.
  4. Vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits at their organic greatest. Contain some protein with a couple of meals. There really are numerous light, nourishing proteins which don’t require cooking. Most of these complement fruits and vegetables nicely– sprouted beans, seeds, nuts, soy goods, yogurt, kefir, and cottage cheese. Poultry and fish may also be eaten.