Is a Window AC Unit Right for You?

Pros of Window Units:

Window units come in a number of sizes BTUs and are available for cooling only or for heat cooling.
These units are affordable with present prices ranging from less than $400 to about $1,500
Window units are relatively easy to install—just put in an appropriate window and provide support.

Cons of Window Units:

Because the unit is installed in either a window or in the wall, it’s not as versatile as a unit that is portable.
The immediate and surrounding area will feel the consequences of the cooling earlier, while outlying regions will take more hours to condition since the unit will not possess a duct system with ports to each room.
For a 2,400 square foot place, at least two 18,000 BTU units (18,000 BTUs covers up to 1,000 feet) are needed or one 28,000 BTU unit, which covers 2,200 square feet plus an added 10,000 BTU unit to cover the remaining 450 square feet.