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Tips for Commercial HVAC That Save Money

1. Reduce wasted energy by 5-10% by regularly changing HVAC filters
Dirty filters overwork HVAC systems by restricting air flow, cost far more to use, lead to poor indoor air quality and result in far more commercial HVAC maintenance issues and costs. Check HVAC filters on a quarterly basis. KCR can perform regular check-ups.

HVAC filters should be changed every month. At the longest, HVAC filters should be switched out every three months. Switching out dirty filters is one of the simplest sustainability steps a business can take, and it can reduce wasted energy costs by 5-10%.

2. Save hundreds of dollars a year with programmable thermostats
Temperature settings in a business can often be contentious. Installing programmable thermostats removes much of the burden of tailoring temperature settings to meet the desires of a diverse workforce and customer base by focusing on sustainability and reduced costs.

3. Reduce commercial HVAC maintenance costs by 40% with regular quality maintenance
Commercial HVAC maintenance is like getting a tune-up for a car – both are necessary for top performance. Regular quality maintenance on all HVAC systems and equipment ensures that those systems and equipment are not wasting energy due to substandard, aging or faulty performance.

Taking a proactive approach to a building’s HVAC systems through regular quality maintenance can reduce commercial HVAC maintenance costs by up to 40%. But the key to unlocking that level of savings is finding an HVAC technician who can provide the kind of in-depth knowledge, work and advice that is crucial to properly maintaining HVAC systems and equipment.

4. Improve HVAC efficiency by 20% by properly sealing heating and cooling ducts
Doing something as simple as properly sealing heating and cooling ducts can improve HVAC efficiency by 20% or more. Finding an HVAC technician with experience sealing ducts is the best way to maximize added efficiency.

5. Improve efficiency by 5-20% with HVAC upgrades and/or HVAC replacement
Sometimes the best ways to improve HVAC efficiency come through upgrading or replacing existing HVAC equipment and systems. Running HVAC systems and equipment past their suggested lifespans leads to exorbitant energy and maintenance costs.

If a building’s air conditioner or heat pump is more than 10 years old, replace it with ENERGY STAR-certified products.

6. Optimize HVAC sustainability by working with a qualified HVAC contractor
In order to get the most out of any HVAC repair, upgrade or replacement, work with a qualified HVAC contractor. The contractor can perform regular checkups and advise business owners on when and how to perform necessary maintenance.

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