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1. Look for the Blue NSF Emblem We advocate the restaurant equipment you buy should possess a blue National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) emblem printed somewhere on the product or product packaging. The NSF ensures that the gear is appropriate to be used in a commercial kitchen, due to demanding third party inspections that ensure the gear is food-safe and simple

Commercial refrigerators and deep freezers are essential for restaurants, grocery stores, and other companies in the food industry. These appliances use lots of energy, working around the clock to help keep products that are perishable cold. The Energy Department today announced new standards geared toward making commercial refrigerators and deep freezers 30% more efficient compared to 2009 standards to help

You may not think about your walk in coolers and freezers often, however they are crucial for your business success. Emergency repairs may be expensive, not to mention the possible loss of perishables. Frequently malfunctions prevented or might have already been minimized with appropriate care. Proactive walk in cooler and freezer care schedules ensure prolonged operation of refrigeration equipment. Constantly

Clean condenser coils Clean evaporator coils Clean fans and fan grills Check thermostat vs. actual thermometer Clean interior and door gaskets with mild detergent Clean drain lines Relocate items that block airflow inside or outside of unit Check door latch and gaskets are intact and working properly If needed, thaw ice from coils Listen to note any wobbles, rattles or